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May 24, 2010


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You write so well. You should become an author! You describe him so well. It´s really like reading a good book, where you can imagine how everyone looks, and so.
Hope you feel fine.
I was in Edinburgh, Scotland for 6 days. I came home this monday. It was my boyfriends 50th birthday, and he got the trip from me and my family. You really should visit the town. It´s so beautiful. Lots of old buildings and things to se. I love that!
The landscape was valleys grown with heather and lots of sheeps. Don´t know if i spelled that right. I want to go back. When I walked this morning from my bus to work, I really missed the sight of Edinburgh. I once loved London, but now I changed my mind.

Karen B.

I'm so sorry about your Felix. I'm very late but still, my condolences on the departure of your very special boy.

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