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March 29, 2010


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funny. tee hee

Sherry Ogg

Cute pic. I am finally taking some time to look at Ravelry and not be working my tail off!
We are so looking forward to knit camp. I saw Heather's post, so I imagine she is not coming. I saw that Siobaugn (?sp..I know that's not even close)is buying a house, so I don't know if she is coming. We are planning to fly into Minneapolis this time to see if there are any cool knitting shops we can explore (either there or on the way to camp). We are looking forward to seeing you again and hopefully, can sit together. We are traveling with Lisa Boone and her mom again. They are so nice. It's hard to believe, but we had dinner with them the other night and that's the first time we've seen them since camp. Wow!
I see you've finished your beautiful green sweater. What beautiful work. It will be years before I attempt anything like that.
Gotta run. I'm going to try to get some knitting in tonight. See you soon!
Sherry Ogg

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