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July 18, 2007


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I'm rounding up links to Campers Blogs. Email me your name and I'll add yours too.

LP, 1xCamp 2, 3xRetreat 2.75, and still going stront!

Karen B.

I've been following the Bohus knitting stories with interest - mostly from the historical and beauty point of view. I haven't the patience to do one myself but commend you for doing so!


The sweater is great and all, but what I really love is the sweet kitty photo! Looks like he/she needs a nice "snuzzle"!!


You know, the Wild Apple is my favorite Bohus design as well. I love the image of Kerstin Olsson seeking inspiration from something as organic and simple as an apple tree- and creating such an elegant garment with gorgeous color.

Clearly from the traffic you're directing on the web, there are many who feel the same way! (Thanks for the link, btw).

Susan Rainey (one of the Rainey Sisters) talked me out of a KC/FH Wild Apple kit while I admired her WA version six months ago. She thought the fiber was dyed with strong monochromatic verigation, and didn't like the horizontal striping it created across the main body and sleeves. So, from her recommendation I ordered the Large [Lace] Collar Jacket. After I knit the LLC this winter, I'm going to order a Wild Apple kit from Solvig!

-Oh! I watched HP5 last night in the theater. Hermione was wearing a Bohus-inspired sweater during a few scenes. Colorway was similar to 'the swan', but the pattern was reminicent of 'blue shimmer'.


My kit came! My kit came! Can't talk now, much fondling and ogling to do ;-)


I went to HP5 last night and of course had to note the knitting involved in the film. I always love that they create an aura of the past with knitting.

I posted some pictures of my Wild Apples Bohus on my blog to commemorate the arrival of the new kit from Solveig. www.theraineysisters.com.

Susanna in Seattle

Hi Mary,

I've been trying to catch up on the Wild Apple madness since I got back from my trip to Scandinavia two days ago. I knew there was a lot of interest in the Wild Apple, but perhaps not that it was this strong.

Hopefully, my translation of the instructions (which I know you probably don't really need) will generate lots of additional $$$ for Doctors Without Borders! As you probably know, I encourage everyone who buys a kit from Solveing or Bohusläns Museum to send what they would have been willing to pay for the translation to Doctors Without Borders and to then email Stephanie Pearl-McPhee the amount so it can become part of her fundraising efforts. OK, I'm stepping off my soap box now...

And btw, while the Wild Apple may be a riot of color, there are other fabulous Bohus offerings waiting in the wings. Solveig isn't done yet. Just saying.

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